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Find the competences of Diving Physicians (according to European (EDTC) and Swiss (SUHMS) training standards) below.

MED: “Medical Examiner of Divers”
Competent to perform fitness to dive assessments of divers and compressed air workers, except  resume diving assessment after major decompression incidents.

DMP: “Diving Medicine Physician”
In addition to the competences of MED: competent to perform the initial and all other assessments of working and recreational divers or compressed air workers.
Can manage diving accidents and advise diving contractors and others on diving medicine and physiology (with the back-up of a diving medical expert or consultant).

HMP: “Hyperbaric Medicine Physician”
In addition to the competences of MED: Responsible for hyperbaric sessions at the treatment site (with backup of a hyperbaric medicine expert or consultant). Does not have to be certified as DMP.

Consultant for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
Has expertise as a MED, DMP and HMP and completed an additional standardised training program including an diploma thesis and board examination. He is certified by SUHMS and recognised by FMH.