Medical Examiner of Divers

The course consists of two modules. The first on 10 and 11 March, the second on 18 and 19 March 2022. Before each module, an e-learning must be worked on with free time allocation.
To obtain the qualification “Medical Examiner of Divers”, both modules must be completed.
Colleagues who have already successfully participated in a MED course in the past can book individual modules as continuing medical education.
The course is conducted in a didactically contemporary mix of preparatory individual work, online teaching, classroom sessions, demonstrations and hands-on training. There is room for discussion and personal contributions are part of the course, for example in the context of group work and case analyses. The course concludes with an online examination.

Module 1: Thursday 10. and Friday 11. March 2022
Module 2: Friday 18. and Saturday 19. March 2022

Discount of CHF 120 on the total course fee for SUHMS members!
Discount of CHF 60 for SUHMS DMPs and MEDs who attend one module as refresher

Registration per e-mail at suhms office until 18.02.2022